Vivaldi-The Four Seasons “Winter”, RV 297

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi(1678-1741)

Il Cimento dell’Armonia e dell’Inventione Op. 8
(The Contest between Harmony and Invention Op. 8)
Le Quattro Stagioni(The Four Seasons)
Violin Concerto No. 3 in f minor “L’inverno(Winter)”, RV 297
I. Allegro non molto(0:00)
Shivering from the chill amid the frozen snow and harsh winds; running and constantly stomping one’s frozen feet, teeth chatter from the bitter cold.

II. Largo(3:21)
To pass the days quiet and content by the fire, while the rain outside soaks people by the hundreds.

III. Allegro(5:20)
Slowly and cautiously we walk the icy path, afraid of slipping and falling. We spin, and fall to the ground then, rising hastily, run across the ice before it cracks apart.
The chilly north winds, all at war, find their way in through the bolted doors… this is winter, yet it has joys of its own.

Arte dei Suonatori
Dan Laurin(flute)