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Euro area 12.1% in November. Italy (at 12.7%), Slovenia (at 9.9%), Ireland (to 12.3%), Slovak Republic (to 14.0%), France (at 10.8%),  Germany (at 5.2%).

Mexico (to 4.6%), Israel (to 5.5%), United States (to 7.0%), Canada (at 6.9%) and Japan (at 4.0%).

In November, the OECD unemployment rate for youth showed a significant decline (by 0.3 percentage point to 15.7%). However, the youth unemployment rate remains high in several Euro area countries, in particular in Spain (at 57.7%), Greece (at 54.8% in September, the latest month available), Italy (at 41.6%), Portugal (at 36.8%) and the Slovak Republic (at 33.3%).

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